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Start processing CNC machine tool processing manufacturers tell you

2021-05-26 06:24:07

At the beginning of each procedure, it must be carefully checked that the tools used are the same as those specified in the instructions. When cutting feed speed should be transferred to the minimum, single section, rapid positioning, the cutting, feed must concentrate on hand should immediately stop the knife, pay attention to when the knife is going to watch the moving direction of cutting tool, to ensure safety of feed, and then slowly increase to feed speed is appropriate, cutting tool and workpiece at the same time to add the cooling fluid or air cooling. When starting rough machining, it should not be too far away from the control panel. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, it should be stopped and checked in time. Open the weight table again and make sure the workpiece is not loose. If any, it must be corrected and the number of touches corrected. Constantly optimize the process parameters to achieve the best processing results. Because the process of CNC machine tool enterprises is a key process, so after the workpiece processing is completed, the main size of the number to meet the requirements on the drawings, if there is a problem, to timely notify the shift leader or programmer to check, solve, and after self-inspection qualified, can be removed, and must send a special inspector to test. Processing method: Hole processing: before the central drilling, must first use the central drill positioning, and then the CNC machine tool company with 0.5~2mm smaller than the size of the drawing drill, and finally with the appropriate drill for finishing. Reaming processing: workpiece reaming processing is also the first to use the central drill positioning, and then use smaller than the drawing size of 0.5~0.3mm drill hole, and finally with reamer will drill reaming, reaming processing pay attention to control the spindle speed between 70~180rpm/min. Boring processing: the production of CNC machine tools to boring machining of workpieces, first with a center drill positioning, and then use smaller than drawing size 1 ~ 2 mm drill hole, and then used rough boring tool (or milling cutter) processing, until the only unilateral around 0.3 mm machining allowance, finally with a preset size precision boring cutter machining precision boring, the fine boring allowance shall not be less than 0.1 mm.


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