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CNC machine tool production process CNC machine tool manufacturers

2021-05-26 05:57:02

Digital control equipment production flow.

When processing actual CNC machine tools, we should determine the specific processing link according to the processing process route, carefully analyze the drawings, determine the processing position, determine the processing steps, determine the clamping position, select the processing tool, and compile the processing program. Analysis accuracy and whether the technical requirements are complete and reasonable; Improving the processing efficiency and ensuring the stability of the processing process is the basis for obtaining good economic benefits under the premise of ensuring the processing quality. At the same time, it will also greatly reduce the use efficiency of CNC machine tools and shorten the service life. Therefore, the CNC machine tool recovery should comprehensively consider the cutting conditions and requirements, choose the appropriate cutting speed, generally using economic cutting speed to cut the workpiece. Through the analysis of the precision, shape and other process conditions of the parts, determine whether the parts are suitable for processing on the numerical control machine tool, and choose which numerical control machine tool processing. Choose suitable CNC lathe to meet the requirements of machining accuracy; Reasonable division of NC machining process content, to determine the number of installation, processing sequence; Determine the clamping scheme, positioning datum; Determine the work step selection, including the work step of the tool selection, path, cutting amount and other content, and develop a reasonable processing technology. Prepare before starting.

Each boot or machine tool according to the emergency stop reset, the first zero return to the machine tool, that is, return to zero, so that the machine has a reference position for its subsequent operation. The workpiece of two clips.

Before the workpiece is clamped, each side must be cleaned, do not stick oil, iron and dust, with a file (or stone) to remove the surface of the workpiece burr. The equi-speed iron sheet for clamping must be ground flat on each side by a grinder to make it smooth. Code iron, nut must be firm, can reliably clamp the workpiece, for some difficult to clamp small workpiece can be directly clamped on the vise; The worktable of the machine tool should be kept clean, free of iron filings, dust and oil; Cushion iron is generally placed in the four corners of the workpiece, for the span of the workpiece is too large, must be installed in the middle of the high cushion iron. Check whether the length, width and height of the workpiece are qualified according to the drawing size with the pull ruler. When the workpiece is installed, according to the clamping arrangement in the programming operation instructions, it should be considered to avoid the processing parts of the CNC machine operation, and the situation that the tool may encounter the fixture in the processing. After the workpiece is placed on the pad, the workpiece datum surface should be pulled according to the drawing requirements, and the verticality of the workpiece which has been ground on the six surfaces should be checked whether it is qualified.


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