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Numerical control technology in the application of numerical control machine tools and equipment

2021-05-26 10:03:17

As one of the core contents of the future advanced manufacturing technology, CNC machine tool processing is developing towards the direction of openness, networking, flexibility and intelligence. The design, manufacturing and application development of CNC equipment products are increasingly showing the modular form based on open interface standards. The system construction strategy based on modules and components can better reflect the humanization thought in the process of product design and manufacturing. Each module is a technical product form of a targeted application field, a comprehensive embodiment of the technical principle, application scheme and implementation form of the field, and a specific application in the numerical control machining environment. Its design concept and performance indicators reflect the requirements of CNC machining technology and market application needs, these CNC machine repair fully reflects the designer personalized product components through the open standard interface form of organic combination, formed a functional rich performance perfect CNC equipment products.

In the actual CNC machine tool processing, processing process route needs to be combined with the specific processing links to determine, carefully analyze the drawings, determine the processing location, determine the processing steps, determine the clamping position, choose the processing tool, the preparation of processing programs. Analysis accuracy and the technical requirements are complete and reasonable. Under the premise of ensuring the processing quality, improving the processing efficiency and ensuring the stability of the processing process is the basis for obtaining good economic benefits, which will also greatly reduce the use efficiency of CNC machine tools and shorten the service life of machine tools. Therefore, the CNC machine tool recovery should consider the cutting conditions and requirements comprehensively, choose the appropriate cutting speed, usually to cut the workpiece at economic cutting speed. At the same time, on the basis of analyzing the precision, shape and other technical conditions of the parts, consider whether the parts are suitable for processing on the CNC machine tools and choose what type of CNC machine tools processing.


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