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CNC machine tool processing and daily maintenance

2021-05-26 10:02:56

CNC machine tool processing system in the operation of a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be some failures, the maintenance of a better CNC system failure rate is relatively low. The system in the process of operation there are some abnormal phenomena, should be timely maintenance and repair, such as low-level alarm, although it does not affect the system operation. But if not timely maintenance and elimination, there may be a big accident. For example, the quality of the power grid is poor, the voltage fluctuation is large, if the CNC machine tool milling machine does not pay attention to this phenomenon, the CNC system for a long time in the poor power supply environment, will be tens of millions of main modules burned down the serious consequences.

Do a good job of preventive maintenance is an important part of CNC machine tool maintenance and use of CNC machine tool, CNC maintenance personnel, operators and management personnel should work together to do a good job in this work. CNC system programming, operation and maintenance personnel must undergo special technical training, familiar with the CNC machine tools used CNC system, strong electric configuration, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other parts of the principle and structure. The CNC machine tool overhaul should operate the CNC system and machine tool correctly and reasonably according to the requirements of the operation manual of the machine tool and the system to avoid the failure caused by improper use.

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