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The important role of CNC machine tool manufacturers in machine tool processing - cutting fluid

2021-05-26 06:44:16

Cutting fluid is used in metal cutting, grinding and processing process cooling, lubrication tools and processing parts of the industrial liquid, cutting fluid by a variety of super function additives scientific preparation, has good cooling performance, lubrication performance, rust resistance, oil removal cleaning function, anti-corrosion function, easy dilution and other characteristics. It overcomes the traditional soap-based emulsion is easy to smell in summer, difficult to dilute in winter, poor anti-rust effect and other shortcomings, and has no adverse effect on lathe paint, suitable for metal material cutting and grinding, is the most suitable for grinding products.

When machining without cutting fluid, the tool and the workpiece of the machine tool at high temperature is easy to produce deformation, small numerical control machine tool rust and other bad phenomena, therefore, the machine tool must be used when machining cutting fluid, in order to avoid such bad phenomena. The following by the network Xiaobian for you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various cutting fluid:

There are many kinds of cutting liquid, today we will introduce several kinds of commonly used cutting liquid on the market, these several kinds are emulsion, chemical synthesis cutting liquid and added extreme pressure agent cutting oil, today to introduce the common three kinds.

The advantages and disadvantages of latex

Benefits: large emulsion, strong heat dissipation, can be cleaned on the workpiece, cost-effective, conducive to the operator's health and safety. Therefore, the general metal processing plant is the choice of emulsion processing. In addition to the special difficult to machine materials, emulsion can be almost all high-end CNC machine tools for light, medium load cutting and most of the heavy load processing, especially for a variety of grinding, such as thread grinding, groove pitting, etc.

Adversity: the disadvantage of the larger emulsion is easy to make bacteria and mold reproduction, so that the effective ingredients in the emulsification of micro CNC machine tools decomposed smell, deterioration, so the general should add toxic organic fungicides.

Advantages and disadvantages of chemical synthesis of cutting fluids

Advantages: high cost performance, fast heat dissipation, strong cleaning, good visibility of the workpiece, the workpiece size is easy to control, more stable than the emulsion corrosion resistance.


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