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CNC lathe processing need to pay attention to CNC machine tool processing where

2021-05-26 06:48:02

The cutting fluid has good lubrication performance, but poor cooling effect. Compared with oil cutting liquid, water-based cutting fluid has poor lubrication performance and better cooling effect. Slow cutting requires high lubricity of cutting fluid, and cutting oil is generally used when the cutting speed is below 30m/min.

Are there any details to pay attention to when using a CNC lathe? Let's see:

First of all, the intern during the internship can not operate privately, CNC lathe operation of micro CNC machine tool improper will also cause accidents.

The second is when the lathe is in operation, the operator shall not leave his post without authorization.

Third, in the work of do not understand the problem or the situation should be timely to consult the relevant technical personnel, not to make free opinions.

4. If there is any peculiar smell in the electrical or other parts of the machine during the processing, stop the machine in time and report to the maintenance personnel.

Five is in the workpiece processing process, at any time due to drilling, intelligent CNC machine tool workpiece loose, abnormal machine tool caused by abnormal sound, timely press the "reset" key or "emergency stop" key.

6. After each lathe is finished, it needs to be carefully cleaned to remove debris.

Chemical cutting fluid has the advantages of economy, fast heat dissipation, strong cleanness, good visibility of workpiece, easy control of machining size, stability and strong corrosion resistance. Poor lubrication can lead to adhesion and wear of the moving parts of the machine. In addition, the residue of the standard CNC machine that is left after chemical synthesis can affect the movement of the mechanical parts and also rust the overlapping surfaces of these parts.

In general, water-based cutting fluid with the following conditions should be selected: places with fire hazards to oil cutting fluid; High speed, large feed cutting, so that the cutting area beyond the high temperature, high smoke, fire danger occasions.


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