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CNC lathe hydraulic chuck CNC machine tool equipment trouble shooting method

2021-05-26 07:42:35

In view of some customer reaction CNC lathe with FANUC0TD after starting up, found that the hydraulic station abnormal sound, resulting in the hydraulic chuck can not be normal clamping problem, now notice as follows:

Fault Analysis of Hydraulic Chucks in Digital Control Lathe

Through on-site observation, it is found that abnormal sound occurs when the CNC lathe starts the hydraulic pump, and there is no hydraulic oil output in the output part of the self-made CNC machine tool of the hydraulic station. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is abnormal sound in the hydraulic station. The reasons for the failure may be as follows:

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic station is too little, resulting in the lack of oil in the hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic station has not been replaced for a long time, and dirt enters the oil tank, causing the hydraulic oil to fall into disrepair and produce abnormal sound.

Because the output tubing of the hydraulic pump station is blocked somewhere, the hydraulic impact of the second-hand CNC machine tool is generated and a sound is made.

Four, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor when the connection is loose, make a sound.

Five, hydraulic pump damage.

Hydraulic motor bearing is damaged.

The machining error caused by spindle rotation error varies with different machining methods. The radial rotation error of the spindle can cause the roundness and cylindricity error of the workpiece when the outer circle and inner hole are processed by the lathe, but it has no direct effect on the end face of the workpiece. The influence of the axial rotation error on the outer circle and inner hole of the spindle machining is small, but the influence on the verticality and flatness of the end face is great. The principal axis deviation may cause the lead period error in the process of turning thread. In the processing process, the proper improvement of spindle and box processing accuracy, the selection of high-precision bearings, improve the assembly accuracy of spindle parts, high-speed spindle parts balance, the rolling bearing pre-tightening, can improve the rotation accuracy of machine tool spindle.


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