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CNC lathe electrical commonly used CNC machine tool manufacturers components

2021-05-26 07:24:59

The quality of electrical components is one of the important factors affecting the safe operation of the machine tool. Understanding the working principle of electrical components and studying and analyzing the electrical principle diagram are the necessary basis for the maintenance of the numerical control lathe.

First, transformer.

Transformer is a static electric appliance that converts AC voltage into AC voltage of the same frequency but different value.

Note: As the transformer coil is an energy storage element, during CNC maintenance, the transformer will continue to be charged in a short time after the power failure of the five-axis CNC machine tool. Therefore, attention should be paid to safety during maintenance.

Two, contactor.

Contactor is an automatic control electrical appliance, which frequently connects or disconnects the main circuit with load. It is composed of electromagnetic mechanism, contact system, arc suppression device, etc.

Three, relay.

Relay protection refers to the change of the input signal, CNC machine tool wholesale to achieve the purpose of control and connect or disconnect the control circuit.

Note: Relay contacts cannot be used to connect or divide the load circuit, which is the difference between the relays and contactors.

Four, circuit breaker.

Low voltage circuit breakers used to be called automatic air switches, but now ECE standard is called low voltage circuit breakers. Low voltage circuit breakers are electrical appliances that integrate the functions of controllers and protection devices, and can effectively protect the electrical equipment connected in series behind them.

Five, arc extinguishing room.

Eliminate arc to prevent arc break, prevent damage to equipment, improve the ability of CNC machine agent switch breaking, and protect personnel safety.

6. Switching power supply.

Because the internal circuit is running in the high-frequency switching state, so its own energy consumption is very low, the power efficiency can reach about 80 percent, almost twice of the ordinary linear regulated power supply, so it is called high efficiency and energy saving power supply. Provide DC power supply for 24V5V machine tools in the circuit.

Seven, buttons,

The key is generally used to switch on or off the control circuit, so as to control the operation of the motor or other electrical appliances. Contact which is communicated only once is called normally closed contact and normally open contact.

Note: Part of the switching power supply cover has a switch switch, the input power is 110 and 220V, pay attention to the position of the switch during installation, input the corresponding voltage, otherwise it is easy to damage the switching power supply.


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