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CNC machine tool manufacturers tell you the characteristics of CNC lathe CNC machine tools

2021-05-26 07:46:36

In addition to the manufacturing error of the guide rail, the non-uniform wear and installation quality of the guide rail are also important factors that cause the error. The wear of the guide is an important reason for the decrease of machine tool accuracy. In addition, there is the end error of the transmission chain, that is, the relative motion error between the transmission components at both ends of the transmission chain, which is usually measured by the end Angle error of the transmission chain.

It is worth noting that the tool geometric error has a larger effect on machining accuracy of the different types of cutting tool CNC machine programming for machining accuracy is not the same, the influence of the size of the cutting tool shape the cutting tool has a direct effect on machining accuracy, and for ordinary, such as turning tool, machining error does not directly affect the machining accuracy.

In the cutting process, any tool will inevitably wear, resulting in changes in the size and shape of the workpiece. By choosing suitable tool material and new wear-resistant tool material, reasonable choice of tool geometric parameters and cutting amount, selection of appropriate blade and grinding tool, selection of appropriate coolant, etc., the size wear of the tool can be effectively reduced by numerical control machine tools. According to the need, the compensation device can also be used to realize the automatic compensation of tool size wear.

The first thing to mention is the spindle rotation error. The spindle of the machine tool is the benchmark of the workpiece or tool clamping, the movement and power of the workpiece or tool are transferred to the workpiece or tool by the spindle, so the spindle rotation error directly affects the precision of the workpiece. The main bearing rotation error is the variation between the actual axis of rotation and the average axis of rotation of the main bearing in the official network of the exponential machine tool at every moment. Its basic form can be divided into radial circular runout, axial channeling and angular runout.

The main reasons for the radial rotation error of the spindle are: the coaxiality error of several sections of the journal of the spindle, the various errors of the bearing itself, the coaxiality error between the bearings, the spindle winding, and so on. However, the degree of influence on spindle radial rotation accuracy varies with different machining methods.


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