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The grease in the bearing: the importance of choosing grease for NC machine tool processing

2021-05-26 07:50:42

Resistance to corrosion

The grease used in the bearing must have antirust effect, and the antirust agent is best insoluble in water. The grease should have good adhesion, can form a layer of oil film on the surface of steel, even if the grease is full of water can also be maintained.

Mechanical stability

Lubricating oil softens during mechanical processing, resulting in leakage. When the vibration device is applied in the programming of CNC machine tools, the bearing housing will throw the lubricating oil into the bearing interior. If the mechanical stability of the lubricating oil is insufficient, it will constantly throw the lubricating oil out of the bearing, resulting in the deterioration of the mechanical properties of the soap and the damage of the lubricating oil.

Oil seal

The oil seal sleeve needs to protect the bearing and lubricant to prevent external pollution, and the CNC machine tool system regardless of whether there is debris or moisture infiltration into the bearing, so as not to cause damage.

Reasonable installation and maintenance is an important factor to improve the service life of bearings. At the same time, attention must be paid to the cleaning of bearings, the correctness of bearing selection and the use of appropriate installation and maintenance tools. Bearings must be protected from contamination by dirt and moisture and must be properly installed and lubricated. The design of bearings and the lubrication of bearings make the oil seal state, the type of lubricant and the lubrication period as important as professional maintenance.

Stir the grease

Never mix incompatible oils. If two incompatible oils are mixed together in a CNC machine tool program, the consistency will usually become soft and may eventually be lost due to easy grease loss.

If you do not know the oil used in the bearing, you should first remove the old oil inside and outside the bearing before adding it.

Classification of lubricating oil


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