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What are the main solutions to bearing noise? CNC machine tool manufacturers tell you

2021-05-26 08:07:24

The noise generated in the use of bearings is commonly divided into two kinds: scratch sound and dust sound. It is divided into the following kinds:

(1) trace sound and its control method.

Rolling bearings of rolling surface, if there is a crack, indentation, or rust, can appear like rivet cyclical vibration and noise, the cycle may be fixed, but mostly has certain corresponding relationship with speed, cracks will appear in a row, in the channel of crack on the ball will appear and the noise as the installation and lubrication conditions vary.

The noise control methods include: do not knock the bearing during installation, mount the precision bearing in the CNC machine tool into the bearing seat after assembly with the shaft to prevent the bearing from slanting, prevent impact vibration when storing and transporting the bearing, and use of high viscosity grease.

(2) Dust sound and its control method.

There are dust and other foreign bodies in rolling bearings, and the aperiodic vibration of the structure of CNC machine tools and the so-called dust sound will occur. The size of these vibration has nothing to do with the noise size, with or without it.

The methods to control the dust sound include: improving the cleaning method of bearings, strictly cleaning bearings, shafts, seat holes and supporting parts before installing bearings, removing foreign bodies in lubricating oil, improving the sealing of bearings, and avoiding the use of plastic caging racks with impure materials or embedded foreign bodies.

Noise caused by lubrication factors and its preventive measures.

Improper selection of lubricating materials, insufficient lubricant or aging and sclerosing will cause vibration and noise of CNC machine simulation bearing, and this noise does not conform to the law. In this regard, just choose the right lubricant, adjust the amount of lubricant, can prolong the service life of lubricant, and determine the replacement cycle reasonably.

Noise related to main engine and countermeasures.

This kind of noise is not caused by the bearing alone, so it is futile to look for the cause from the bearing alone. It is necessary to pay overall attention to the main engine and improve its performance if necessary. This paper mainly describes the common beeping sound and frame vibration sound in the motor.


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