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What is four point contact ball CNC machine tool manufacturer bearings

2021-05-26 08:12:53

What is four-point contact ball bearings: Four-point contact ball bearing separation bearing a two-way axial load bearing outer ring raceway contact ball bearing its radial load when using a peach shaped cross section load ball contacts ball contacts under axial loading in two-way axial load bearing function both single contact ball bearing torque load bearing formation of point contact to ensure normal work generally applies to the axial 2002: machine tools, the wto Is a challenge but also opportunity experts point out that to strengthen research and development of CNC machine tools in our country to speed up the popular type segment in the machine tool nc machine tool structure development talk at random service competition in the machine tool manufacturing industry in China the status quo of Chinese milling machine and machining center market development direction and prospect of the technology level of domestic and international lathe and world processing center production, demand and development trend of the development trend of machine tools at home and abroad The development trend of CNC system is cutting technology and the development of CNC machine tools

Four point contact ball bearings for the separation type bearings, CNC machine tool is a set of bearings can bear bidirectional axial load of angular contact ball bearings. The raceway of the inner and outer rings has a peach-shaped cross section. Under the action of no load and pure radial load, the steel ball and the ring are in four-point contact. Under the action of pure axial load, the steel ball and the ring are in two-point contact, which can withstand bidirectional axial load. This kind of bearing can also bear torque load and has the function of single row and double row angular contact ball bearing. This kind of bearing can only guarantee the normal work when forming two points contact CNC machine tool electrical. However, it is generally suitable for pure axial load or synthetic load with large axial load and two point contact occasions. This kind of bearing has a high limit speed and is suitable for high-speed operation occasions.


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