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CNC machine tool maintenance and transformation technology CNC machine tool equipment manufacturers tell you

2021-05-26 08:26:00

Electrical maintenance technology of CNC machine tools has not formed a set of mature and complete theoretical system because of its complexity, diversity, changability and various objective environmental factors. Today, the rapid development of modern control theory and automation technology, especially the microelectronics technology and computer technology changes with each passing day, synchronize the numerical control technology is also in rapid development, from concept to practice, structure form of PC based CNC system, openness and diversity, complexity and high performance intelligent from concepts have been applied to practice.

It has brought about great changes, as well as significant changes in its maintenance theories, techniques and means. An article on the lecture type, therefore, cannot make CNC machine electrical maintenance technology has formed the theory in full detail, this article just to many years of practice and experience of the industry colleagues to Shanghai nc machine tools appropriate induction and collation, to the development of this professional theory and practice of engineering and technical personnel help. CNC technology to talk about maintenance, we must first have a comprehensive understanding of the object of maintenance. All the electrical control systems of a typical NC machine tool are shown in Figure 1. A current loop is a circuit that provides torque to a servo motor. The matching and adjustment between it and the motor is generally set by the manufacturer or the corresponding matching parameters. The feedback signal in the servo system is also completed through connection, so there is no need for connection and adjustment. Speed loop Guangzhou CNC machine tool is to control the motor speed circuit, that is, the speed of the coordinate axis. Speed regulating device is a proportional integral (PI) controller, its P, I adjust value depends entirely on the driving axis load size and mechanical drive nc machine electrical system (rail, actuator) transmission stiffness and gap of mechanical properties, such as when these characteristics change significantly, you first need to repair mechanical transmission system, Then readjust the speed loop PI regulator.


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