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The types of FRICTION-RESISTANT FAG bearings and the lubrication functions of CNC machine tools

2021-05-26 08:16:15

Everyone knows that lubrication is very important for bearings, so do anti-friction bearings still need lubrication? Today we take a look at the types and lubrication functions of anti-friction FAG bearings with questions.

Type of anti-friction bearing:

There are two main types of anti-wear bearings. These bearings are ball bearings and roller bearings. At the same time, we should also know that due to the different electrical manufacturers of CNC machine tools, as well as the special use of bearings, there are many different types according to these basic structures and changes.

The role of lubricating oil:

Antiwear lubricants have the following main functions.

Sliding contact between the lubricating retainer and other parts of the bearing.

Any contact between the seat ring and the roller that is not actually rolling should be lubricated.

The CNC machine information has a sliding contact between the lubricated roller and the guide rail in the roller bearing.

Lubricate all true rolling contacts on bearings.

The second feature is:

Protects highly fine surfaces from corrosion.

Helps seal cover to resist the impact of external materials. Lubricants also have this function.

7. Provide means of heat transfer (cold).

As for the electrical maintenance technology of CNC machine tools, a mature and complete theoretical system has not been formed so far. Today, the rapid development of modern control theory and automation technology, especially the microelectronics technology and computer technology changes with each passing day, synchronize the numerical control technology is also in rapid development, from concept to practice, Shanghai numerical control machine tool numerical control system on the PC based, openness and performance of the structure form of diversity, complexity and high intelligent from concepts have been applied to practice.


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