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CKL36   CKL36-1

CKL36 CKL36-1

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As the "tooth" of CNC machine tool, the blade plays an important role in machine tool processing. The blade not only directly affects the machining efficiency of the machine tool, but also affects the machining quality of the parts to a great extent. Because of nc machine tool spindle speed and range is much higher than traditional processing methods, thus the precision of the nc machining tool, strength, stiffness, life as well as the size, installation, adjustment, etc are put forward higher requirements, and the numerical control machine tool manufacturers require not only reflected in the precision of the cutting tool, on the strength, stiffness and life, but also reflect on the tool installation and debugging. Therefore, the tool needs to achieve reasonable structure, geometric parameters standardization, serialization.

With the continuous development of manufacturing industry, the emergence of new materials and new technology, making professional maintenance CNC machine tool multi-functional composite tool, high-speed tool has become the mainstream of tool development. In the face of the increasing of difficult to machine materials, the tool industry must improve the tool materials, research and development of new tool materials and more reasonable tool structure. The selection of CNC cutting tools is the premise of improving the processing efficiency, which depends on the geometry of the machining parts, material conditions, fixtures and the stiffness of the tool selected by the machine tool.

CKL36   CKL36-1

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