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At present, especially in the period of economic transition, numerical control machine tools continue to develop, the application of expanding, more and more dependent on the level of science and technology and the increase of the speed of innovation. Because the numerical control machine tool has the processing efficiency is high, the operation is convenient and so on the characteristic, can process the more complex part, therefore in the machinery manufacturing industry is widely used. Effectively studying the numerical control machining technology and its precision can improve the machining efficiency and precision to a certain extent, and promote the improvement of product quality. CNC processing technology is playing an increasingly important role in the development of various important industries in society. "Owning" and "popularizing" CNC machine tool training has become one of the important signs to measure the comprehensive strength of a country and the level of industrial modernization. Although the accuracy of CNC machine tool itself is an important premise to ensure the quality of parts processing, but in the existing production conditions, programming before the detailed process analysis, determine the reasonable CNC processing technology, develop processing scheme, choose the appropriate tool and route, determine the cutting amount, in order to play the advantages of CNC machine tool.

The processing technology determines the processing procedure of parts, which can provide necessary reference for the machining program of CNC machine tools and the selection of machining parameters. Therefore, in a sense, the processing technology has a certain influence on the machining accuracy and efficiency of parts. On the CNC machine tool processing technology selection, first of all to the product's basic structure and dimensional accuracy requirements for the necessary analysis, so as to determine the processing process, and further ensure the accuracy of CNC programming; Secondly, to ensure that the CNC machine tool processing process route is reasonable, in line with the relevant requirements of the process, effectively reduce the processing error, to ensure the processing accuracy of products; Finally, it is necessary to make the processing process of CNC machine tools relatively concentrated, so as to improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools. For the processing of complex parts, numerical control simulation technology is needed to support, in order to ensure the scientific nature and integrity of processing.


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