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CK0636 flat bed CNC machine tool

CK0636 flat bed CNC machine tool

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CK0636 flat bed CNC machine tool

CK0636 flat bed CNC machine tool

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Here are some things to consider when choosing a tool that is more suitable for you:

The machinability of the machined material.

The tool material is the fundamental factor to determine the cutting performance of the tool, which has a great impact on the processing efficiency, processing quality, processing cost and tool durability of CNC machine tool manufacturers. The harder the tool material, the better its wear resistance, the higher the hardness, the lower the impact toughness, the more brittle the material. Rigidity and toughness are a pair of contradictions, and it is also the key to overcome the material defects of cutting tools. Therefore, the user needs to choose the cutting tool according to the cutting performance of the workpiece material. For example, turning and milling, milling and other high strength steel, titanium alloy, stainless steel parts, it is recommended to choose wear-resistant and indexable carbide tools.

Choose tools for different purposes.

According to the type selection tool machine to small make up in the not much said, small make up want to say is, in the process of machine tool processing, should choose good stiffness, low precision cutting tools, to ensure the machining accuracy of workpiece and the quality of the products is given priority to, should choose high durability, high precision cutting tools, and in the rough and finish machining stage, should choose low precision cutting tools, and in the finishing stage, The tool with higher precision should be selected. If the rough and finish machining use the same tool, it is recommended that the CNC machine bed castings rough machining use the finish machining tool elimination, because the finish machining tool wear situation is mostly slight edge wear, coating wear and finish, continue to use will affect the quality of the finish machining, but the impact on the rough machining is not big.

CK0636 flat bed CNC machine tool

Technical parametersCK0636
Processing rangeTurning diameter mmΦ380mm
Machining diameter mmΦ260mm
Processing length mmΦ120mm
Length of workpiece mm200mm
Diameter of rod through hole mmΦ35mm/Φ40mm(optional)
From the top/
tripX-axis effective travel520mm(Amount of diameter)
Z-axis effective stroke300mm
X/Z axis fast moving velocity25m/min
X/Z axis rail specifications25/30
X/Z axis screw diameter/pitch mm3210/3210
X/Z axis servo motor4Nm/4Nm
The spindleSpindle nose typeA2-5
Diameter of spindle through holeΦ48
Spindle speedMachine spindle100-3000rpm
Motorized spindle100-4500rpm
Spindle motor power4kw/5.5kwMotorized spindle (optional)
Specifications for chuck and rotary cylinder40 chuck/chuck (optional)536/646
precisionX/Z/Y axis positioning accuracy±0.006mm
X/Z/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy±0.005mm
The tailstockSpecification of tailstock sleeve/
Stroke of tailstock sleeve/
Tailstock pressure range/
Tailstock feed method/
The cutting toolThe handle size20*20
Boring tool bar specifications20mm
Knife tower (tool position)Electric tool rest/row tool (optional)
Overall dimensionsBed structure typeIntegral flat line rail bed
Length X width X height mm1260*1150*1650
Machine weightabout1380Kg

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