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Precision instrument lathe CNC machine tool manufacturers characteristics

2021-05-26 10:02:03

Ordinary precision CNC machine tool equipment is to rely on manual operation of the machine tool to complete a variety of cutting processing, while CNC instrument lathe is the preparation of good processing program input into the CNC system, by the CNC system through the lathe. X, Z axis of the servo motor to control the lathe feed moving parts of the order of action, the amount of movement and feed speed, coupled with the spindle speed of the steering, and automatic tool change system, so that can process a variety of shapes of shaft or disk rotating body parts. Therefore, CNC lathe CNC machine tool exhibition is currently used more widely. Instrument lathe is a general term, mainly processing some small and not very precise parts. When I was in the factory, I used the instrument lathe to process the needles, screws and so on for the carburetors of motorcycles.

Performance characteristics of precision instrument lathe

The precision instrument lathe adopts the frame type welding bed structure, double precision worktable, the upper worktable movement, the worktable movement on the machine tool adopts the ball screw drive, the stepper motor drive, the moving speed is stepless adjustable, the rotation of parts adopts the frequency conversion speed control, the speed is stepless adjustable. The clamping length of the parts can be adjusted electrically to adapt to the change of the length of the quenched parts for easy adjustment. Adopt numerical control system to realize automatic control, can store more than 20 kinds of parts process program of numerical control machine tool application.

Precision instrument lathe has manual operation and automatic operation functions, suitable for single and batch parts production, widely used in tractors, automobiles, engineering machinery, machine tool industry induction heat treatment field. Reasonable structure, complete functions, convenient installation and debugging.

Precision instrument lathe has the functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, sectional continuous quenching and sectional simultaneous quenching for CNC machine tool milling machine. It is mainly used for surface quenching of various shaft parts such as half shaft, drive shaft and camshaft, and induction quenching for gear, ring and plane parts.


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