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A high quality machining center should have CNC machine tool equipment which several elements

2021-05-26 06:50:29

Accuracy maintenance: I don't think accuracy is a problem in the current machining center. Whether it is domestic private service system, or foreign private service system, micron accuracy is not a problem. General processing manufacturers can reach "silk" or 0.01 mm, good performance. Choose something more expensive. Therefore, the first condition to judge the quality of equipment is precision.

Stiffness: if I want to make a hole diameter 54, tolerance ±0.05, machining center is the first, the second standard CNC machine no problem. As far as the brand is concerned, the third possibility is qualified and the fourth possibility is biased.

Many factories use processing centers to form flexible assembly lines to meet the needs of new products. But if you build this flexible pipe in an old open factory, there is no constant temperature and humidity. This product meets the technical requirements, meets the requirements, reflects the rigidity of the machine tool itself. It can be used in a certain temperature range to make the products processed by the machine meet the technological requirements. It was handled very well. Central demand.

User experience: the machining center is also a machine; If the machine does not move and needs to be repaired, how can it be repaired? Ordinary users will ask the staff selling the equipment to the domestic CNC machine tools, so as to get the answer, so the sales staff will solve the problem, to give the user a better after-sales experience.

In the following cases, the durability of the tool plays a great role in cutting economy (for example, the tool is expensive, the blade is not easy to wear, long loading and unloading assistance time, etc.); High precision machine tools, water mixing is not allowed (so as to avoid corrosion); The lubrication system and cooling system of the machine tool are easy to collude with each other, and do not allow the waste liquid treatment equipment and conditions of Taiwan CNC machine tools. All options for oil-based cutting fluids should be considered.


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