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CNC lathe clamping should pay attention to the problem of CNC machine tool manufacturers

2021-05-26 06:52:37

The processing technology of CNC lathe is similar to that of ordinary lathe, but CNC lathe is a clamping continuous automatic processing to complete all the turning procedures, therefore, attention should be paid to the following aspects:

Choose tools wisely.

Rough car, should choose high strength, good durability tool, in order to meet the rough car on the big back knife, large feed requirements;

Second, when finishing the car, the tool should be selected with high accuracy and good durability to meet the machining accuracy requirements of CNC machine tools in Taiwan.

Three, in order to reduce the time for tool change and convenient tool alignment, should try to use machine clamp knife and machine clamp knife. Reasonable choice of cutting amount;

Reasonable choice of cutting amount is of great significance to give full play to the potential of lathe, improve the cutting performance of tool, and realize high quality, high yield, low cost and safe operation.

In rough machining, the largest cutting tool should be selected first, and then select the largest CNC machine tool ranking feed, and finally determine the appropriate cutting speed. Increasing the amount of feed tool can reduce The Times of cutting, and increasing the amount of feed is conducive to chip breaking. According to the above principles, choosing the cutting amount of rough turning has a certain effect on improving production efficiency, reducing the consumption of tool and reducing the processing cost.

When finishing turning, the machining accuracy and surface roughness are higher, and the machining allowance is not large and relatively uniform. Therefore, when choosing the cutting amount of finishing turning, the key consideration should be given to how to ensure the machining quality, and on this basis, the production efficiency should be improved as far as possible. Therefore, in the finishing process, should choose five axis CNC machine tool smaller (but not too small) cutting tools, and choose good cutting performance tool materials and reasonable geometric parameters, in order to improve the cutting speed as far as possible.

Reasonable selection of various fixtures.

One is to choose general fixture and workpiece fixture as far as possible to avoid the use of special fixture;

Coincidence of component positioning datum to reduce positioning error;


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