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CK6040 CK6050

CK6040 CK6050

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CK6040 CK6050

CK6040 CK6050

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The exporter or forwarding of the program. The program is manually written, can be operated by CNC machine tools, panel input; The program is generated by the programming software and transmitted directly to the MCU of the CNC machine through the serial communication interface of the computer. (4) transfer input/program to NC unit, test run, tool path simulation, etc. (5) through the correct operation of the machine tool, run the electrical program of CNC machine tool, complete the processing of parts.

NC system is the core of NC machine tool and the soul of NC machine tool. The system is mainly composed of input device, display, master control system, programmable controller, various input/output interface and other parts. The main control system is composed of CPU, memory, controller and so on. The control object of NC system is mainly mechanical quantity, such as position, Angle, speed, temperature, pressure, flow rate and so on. The control mode can be divided into two kinds: data processing control and sequential logic control. Among them, the interpolation module in the main control machine is to carry out the corresponding interpolation operation on the tool path according to the part program read by decoding and compiling, etc., and control the displacement of each coordinate axis of the machine tool by comparing the position and speed feedback signals of each coordinate servo system. But the sequential logic control is usually completed by the programmable controller PI, it is according to the requirements of each action in the processing process, each detection signal for logical judgment, so as to control the orderly work of the various parts of the machine tool.

CK6040 CK6050

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